Walk In Archery Course

  1. The Aim of the Course.
    1. The Archery Sport Skill introduced to Public.
    2. Understand the importance and necessity for safety in a safe, fun and progressive way.
  2. Personal Dress Coding.
    1. Comfortable clothing for archery. Clothing is not restrictive but too loose fitting should be avoided.
  3. Instructions & Instructors.
    1. The Course will only be delivered by the authorized SGSC Instructors.
  4.  Course Assessment.
    1. The Knowledge and awareness of archery safety.
    2. Understanding of archery technique and training.
    3. Ability to consistently hit a target 10 to 20 Meters away using basic long bow.
    4. Observed coaching practice.
    5. Practical tasks.
    6. Observed archery shooting practice.
  5. Certification: A certificate will be awarded to those who attend and pass all practical assessments. The certificate will be awarded by Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club committee and the committee reserve the right not to award certification to candidates who violates the SGSC rules and regulations.
  6. COURSE FEE AED 2000.00
  7. Course Duration: There is no set quantity of lessons as this depends on how much you can practice between them, but on average a course of 80 lessons over a period of 4 weeks can show significant gains in performance.
  8. Course Discount: Those who purchase the personal bow from our pro-shop will be eligible for 15 percent discount from the course fee.