TPI Screenings & Video Analysis Lessons


Book yourself in for your 90 minute TPI lesson where a 15 stage physical screening will result in a greater understanding of your physiological capabilities for both you and your golf professional.



See For Yourself - Ever wanted to see what you are doing wrong for yourself?  Well look no further, book in today for a video analysis lesson where your golf swing will be filmed from numerous different angles allowing you to can get a clearer, visual understanding of how you can make some positive changes to your technique.  Pupil’s swings can also be compared to some of the best golfers in the world using state of the art equipment and software.


Visual Screening - Some people learn more in a visual way rather than physically, so watch yourself on the computer screen and the technical mistakes your golf professional is trying to help you with may allow the information to be processed easier and more clearly to allow you the golfer to hopefully enjoy some further huge improvements.

Video analysis lessons are an hour in length, and pupils will have permanent access to a video copy of their lesson which will include an audio voice over via the clubs interactive website.



Golf lessons and coaching is forever changing and gone are the days where golf professionals teach one set way to all golfers.  TPI lessons takes into account physical conditions and a very personal swing can therefore be developed. Most touring professionals are now having regular TPI screenings to try and further improve their already very high standards.


All tuitions whether for novices, experienced and elite golfers are available to the public and club members. These classes are conducted by fully qualified PGA professionals (see Academy – PGA Professionals page).