Introduction To Golf Seminar

Here at Sharjah golf and Shooting Club we believe that every golfer needs to have a full understanding of the rules and etiquette behind the game of golf. These rulings and traditions have been in place all over the world for hundreds of years so it is vital when learning the game this aspect is not over-looked.

Our Introduction to golf seminar will cover all aspects from:

  • It’s history
  • Difference in golf clubs and equipment
  • The difference in types of golf courses
  • Different formats of the game
  • Many of the most common rules that you’ll need to know when stepping out onto the course.
  • And much, much more…

The seminar will begin inside our boardroom will a full PowerPoint presentation, golfers will then step out onto the course and be faced with some actual scenarios and rulings which will be discussed and explained further.

The seminar is very interactive and will provide golfers with a solid grounding and knowledge in preparation for when they start to play on the golf course more regularly.

Seminars last for approximately 3 hours (7 – 10pm), take place monthly, and all participants receive an inclusive meal in our Flavours of Asia restaurant.

All tuitions whether for novices, experienced and elite golfers are available to the public and club members. These classes are conducted by fully qualified PGA professionals (see Academy – PGA Professionals page).