Playing Lessons

Playing lessons are available to help any golfer who wants to improve their golf.  Research tells us that experiences learned during ‘true golf course situations’ are more likely to stay with us as opposed to having a lesson on the Academy. Sometimes pupils under a very relaxed atmosphere on the driving range excel and make big improvements; however put under the pressure of the golf course or a competitive environment the golfer can often underachieve. Playing Lessons will aim to tackle these issues.


Playing lessons allow the professional a chance to see firsthand what actually happens to the pupil in a playing not practicing environment.

Playing lessons cover:

  • Looking at your pre-shot routine
  • Short game including bunker shots, chipping, pitching and putting
  • Club selection
  • Psychological aspects
  • Awkward lies
  • Rules & etiquette
  • Course management


Playing lessons will last for 6 holes, so giving the professional ample time to watch the golfer in action, resulting in the pupil receiving some physical and mental guidance to further develop their game. The professional golfer can also play alongside the pupil if so required; this may help the pupil understand many different aspects from club selection, alignment to mental processes.


We recommend pupils arrive at least 30 minutes before their lesson to ‘warm up’ and prepare for the lesson.  Clubs are provided but golf balls must be purchased by the pupil before playing.


All tuitions whether for novices, experienced and elite golfers are available to the public and club members. These classes are conducted by fully qualified PGA professionals (see Academy – PGA Professionals page).