Individual Lessons & Packages

One-to-one coaching is often the best and quickest way to improve your golf. We will assess your current level and develop a programme that will aid your continuous development.

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced golfer, you can either commit to one of our one-to-one packages or select an individual lesson to help fix your faults.


Please Note – The packages and lessons can be tailored to any part of your golf game. If you are a beginner the golf professional on hand will help you to schedule how the sessions will run. However if you are a more experienced player you may want to concentrate entirely on one particular area of your game. Lessons are therefore tailored to suit the individual goals and requirements of the pupil.

All lesson packages have 1 year validity.

All tuitions whether for novices, experienced and elite golfers are available to the public and club members. These classes are conducted by fully qualified PGA professionals (see Academy – PGA Professionals page).