Rules & Regulations


1. The game will start & stop with the sound of a loud air horn. You will recognize it when you hear it.
2. The players have to break into 2 teams and each team has to start the game by tagging the base.
3. Team captains have to wave to the referee in order for the game to begin. The referee blows the horn and the game commences officially. Each game is 10 to 20 minutes.
4. Do not remove your mask in the playing field for any reason whatsoever. The Paintballs travel at approximate 300ft/second. Getting hit in the eye can be severe.
5. A minimum of two persons are designated as Referee's or Marshals for each Paintball game. The Marshal will be the one who starts the game, stops the game for paint check, decides the issues that may arise and ends the game. As with all games, it does not pay to contradict the decisions of the Marshal, decisions by Marshals are final and unarguable.
6. Marshals are under no circumstances to be shot at or to be argued with.
7. Marshals will be using 3 signs on the playing field

• Neutral player: If you have any problems in the field, i.e.: gun is not firing, problem with mask etc the players must raise their gun up in the air and shout marshal, A marshal will call you a neutral player by pointing at that particular player with an action no players are allowed to fire at the neutral player or change their position whilst neutral.
• Player Alive: when the marshals have finished checking the neutral player and if the player is still in the game marshal will ask you to hide and marshal will shout player is alive/clean.
• Player Eliminated: player is out of the game if he/she is hit by a marking pellet (paintball) & it breaks on the player, this includes the clothing or shoes. It doesn't matter whether the player is shot by an opposing player/a teammate (friendly fire). When a player is marked she/he is to immediately call themselves "OUT or ELIMINATED”. She/he must then hold their gun over their head, continue to call out "OUT or ELIMINATED"& leave the playing field by the shortest & safest route.
8. An eliminated player cannot shoot while walking out of the field, nor he to be shot at.
9. Do not fire at someone with his or her gun up in the air.
10. When a player has been eliminated put your gun up in the air submit your weapon in the gun room and make your way out to the exit point. 
11. If two or more players mark each other simultaneously, all must be eliminated. A referee will decide who is to be eliminated when two or more players are marked.
12. No excessive firing on a player, If you have tagged a player and he/she has not left the playing field, you may call the nearest marshal to paint check the player.
13. If you are 5 meters or less away from a player do not fire on that player. The capsule leaves the barrel with an average speed of 80-100 m/sec.,& this may lead to injuries. If the distance between two rival players is under 5 meters, either both players increase the distance, or ask your opponent to surrender.
14. No climbing up the walls, spools and trees.
15. It is strictly forbidden to bring or consume alcohol before, during, or after the game.
16. No physical interaction whatsoever is allowed between players.
17. No blind firing. Always look where you are shooting.
18. Do not pick up paintballs from the field and load them, they will jam your gun.
19. We are not liable for paintball spilled on the field by opening the hopper. We request. that players check the hopper lid after every rough encounter if not you may ask the marshal to close the lid. 
20. If you are not being hit directly but being sprayed by paint, if the spray is larger than one dirham in diameter the player is out
21. Do not cross the boundary tree fence, the player can be disqualified from the game.
22. It is not allowed to wear shorts/t-shirts during the game. All players are required to wear long-sleeve shirts & full-length pants or coveralls. Arms & legs must be fully covered during the game. 
23. A player will be disqualified if any player enters or attempts to enter a playing field for a game without having signed a waiver.
24. Do not play with the CO2 cylinder. If it comes off it will go back at 300 fps and it will not pop, it’s not a paintball.
25. In case of violation on the any above mentioned rules, the marshal has the right to disqualify the player at immediate affect or : 
- Player can be banned for one or more game 
- Players paintball can be transferred to opponents 
- Player can be sent in the playing field without a gun