Pistol And Rifle Shooting

Sharjah Shooting Range is a specialized facility designed for Hand guns & Rifles practice (10 Meters to 25 Meters Pistol Range & 10 Meters to 50 Meters Rifle Range). Each facility is typically overseen by one or more supervisory personnel, called SAFETY INSTRUCTORS. These supervisory personals are responsible for ensuring that all Gun Safety rules are followed at all times.

Indoor ranges usually have a back wall (bullet traps) in front, behind the target board with reinforced baffles additionally fixed along the roof and side walls. The Ranges having proper ventilation pull smoke and lead particles away from the shooting line and discharge them from the building to reduce potential poisoning. Most commonly, discharge of firearms in indoor ranges can produce noise levels of above 140 db.To combat this, it is commonly recommended to "double up" ear protection by using both earplugs and over the head earmuffs to protect range bystanders from sound exposure.  In UAE Public Shooting Ranges are not permitted for ammunitions more than 3000 feet per second calibers and Automatic weapons.