Ground Rules

The rules of golf of the R & A and the United States Golf Association together with the Rules and Etiquette of Golf as adopted by the R & A shall be rules of the club, except when in conflict with local rules or with any of the rules 

1 - Members and guests are requested to register at the reception prior to commencement of their play. Starting times are required for all players and the Director of Golf or Golf Operations Executive is in complete charge of the course and situation. Starting times may be obtained by calling Golf Reservations.

2 - SGSC reserves the right to pair groups up at any time to- Allow more people the chance to play and make the pace     of play more consistent.

3 - Members and guests use the golf facilities entirely at their own risk.  SGSC is not liable for any injury or death (Eg. Being hit by a club or golf ball).

4 - All players on the golf course must hold either an official handicap or a Playing Certificate (P. C.).

5 - No rental clubs will be issued to juniors under 18 years of age (members and guests) unless they have participated in previous golf tuitions.

6 - The person leasing the rental clubs is responsible for any loss or damage to any equipment with the exception of normal wear and tear.

7 - Sets of clubs (rented or privately owned) may not be shared on the golf course.  Each player must have a bag with a proficient number of clubs required to complete a round (Eg. 1 wood, 1 long/medium iron, 1 short iron, 1 wedge and a putter).

8 - Only golfers off 24 handicap index or better are permitted to use the Black and Blue tees unless approved by Management.

9 - Golfers may not play any more than 1 ball at a time with the exception of declaring a provisional ball or playing the 2 ball rule.

10 - At SGSC 4 balls have priority on the course at all times as long as they maintain the indicated pace of play.  4 balls must however let faster groups through at a convenient time (Eg. when searching for a ball or stopping at the rest hut). 

11 - Players are expected to maintain a reasonable pace of play (9 holesat peak timesshould be played inno more than2 hours 12minutes, 18 holes in 2 hours 24 minutes). When unable to do so for any reason, kindly give way to faster players and do not resume play until these players are out of reach.  Undue delay may result in players being asked to leave the course.

SGSC Management reserves the right to refund and remove any players they deem not to be at a proficient enough playing standard to either complete 9/18 holes in the indicated time period; or any players they believe to be a nuisance to other players; or players whom repeatedly fail to observe the R&A etiquette of golf or SGSC’s local rules of etiquette as outlined on this page.

12 - Tuition is only permitted on the golf course or academy by persons authorized by SGSC Director of Golf or Head Golf Professional.

13 - Members and guests must follow the directions and advice given by the golf course Marshall

14 - No cars shall be driven on the course without the express consent of Golf Course Superintendent, Golf Operation Executive or Director of Golf.

15 - Players in more than four balls (four players in a group) are not permitted on the course.

16 - Players shall start from such tee as is directed by the starter or the golf reservation agents and at the assigned starting time.

17 - Players entering bunkers shall smooth out and rake all depressions after completing play.

18 - Fairway divots should be filled with sand.

19 - All ball marks are to be promptly repaired upon reaching the green.

20 - Litter is not to be left on the course. Litter baskets are located at each tee. 

21 - Attire for the golf course and practice area is as follows:-


·         Trousers or tailored shorts that reach the knee. 

·         Shirts must be worn at all times and must have sleeves and collars.

·         No football shirts/shorts or cut-off jeans will be allowed on the Golf Course or the Academy.


·         Dresses,shirts and blouses, slacks, culottes or shorts.

·         No halter tops or cut-off jeans will be allowed on the Golf Course or the Academy.

·         Bathing suits or trunks are not permitted on the Course or the Academy.


·         Golf shoes (with soft spikes) and trainers are allowed on the golf course. 

·         Golf shoes (with soft spikes) or trainers are only permitted on the Academy

22 - Hitting of golf balls is prohibited outside of normal course play and outside the practice range. 

23 - Spectators are not permitted at any time if additional carts are required  Spectators may walk but may not ride on the cart if resulting in 3 o r more passengers.

24 - Face towels will be provided during the hotter months.  These towels are not to be taken or used for wiping clubs & cleaning shoes.

25 -  1st/ / 10th tee – Being a 9 hole course there is a lot of demand on the first tee.  The starter reserves the right to ‘slot groups in’ that have tee times if the 1st tee is free at any time. Your understanding and patience is appreciated.

26 - SGSC will not be responsible for any lost golf clubs on the course.

27 - SGSC will not credit/refund part complete rounds of golf for any reason other than the golf course becoming unplayable.

28 - Director of golf is the only person authorized to determine when the course is fit for golf carts and play. His discretion is FINAL.

 29 - Alcohol is not allowed on the premises at any times.

30 - Food and beverage purchased off site cannot be consumed on the premises.  SGSC reserves the right to confiscate any such items.

31 – SGSC Range Balls are not to be used on the golf course.  Doing so will be considered theft.

32 -Golf cartsare to be used for business purposes only and in designated areas and only by authorized persons.  Carts must be operated according to the following procedures:-

·         The driver is responsible (financially and legally) for any damage caused to the cart, club property and/or third party.

·         Children under the age of 18 are not allowed to drive a cart.  In breach the   accompanying guardian or parents will be considered responsible.

·         Maximum two persons allowed on a golf cart

·         Maximum two golf bags allowed on a golf cart

·         Carts shall follow established paths or marked routes around the course.

·         Carts should never be driven on tees, green, hazards, sandy waste areas or steep slopes.

·         Golf carts are to be used for business purpose in designated areas and by authorized persons only.

·         No private golf carts may be operated at the club.

·         Ball collecting cart is the only cart allowed on the driving range.