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Conares Golf Society – Quarter Finals

Saturday 4th March 2017


The Conares Golf Society League was at its quarter final stages and eight societies rolled out their best four players to try and grab a Semi Final spot. The scoring was the same as the League rounds with 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw and team total of 4 points securing the vital Semi Final spot. On a testing day for scoring at SGSC the player were battling out there to do all they could for their teams. The matches, with the exception of one were all going down to the wire over the closing few holes. Nerves began to fray, emotions ran high and teams concurred.

Match one saw the Conares league winners take on Sport2Business (1) Best third place finishers. From the very begin the matches set out be very tight affair. In game one Club Captain Vivian Verma and long time playing partner Sanjoy Das went head to head with the strong paring of Bryon Kraemer and Simon Earl. The match swung both way as the duos battled for the all-important group points. Despite a gross one under par 71 from Simon and some fantastic golf from playing partner Byron the partnership of Vivian and Sanjoy was just too much on the day and the Indian Expats pair bagged a vital 3 points. In the second game between the two societies Mukti Rai and Arun Tuli combined for the Indian Expats to take on Dave Minchin and Dean Hall of sport2Business (1). This game was also incredibility tight, as it ebbed and flowed with neither team getting more than one up on their opposition. Coming down the 18th Hole the Sport2Business team found themselves one down. Dave and Dean put together two Pars on the 18th which the Indian Expats couldn’t match and therefore the match swung back to all square and the two pairs split the spoils. This as a result ensured four, one victory for the Indian Expats and in that the Sports2Business (1) team’s 2016/17 campaign was over.

In Match two the BMW winner of ASEAN took on the second Best third place finishers Sports2Business (2). Given ASEAN rich vein of form in the League and Playoff’s the result of this match certainly surprised a few people. Including their opposition who knew the humongous task they had ahead of them at the start of play. Game one saw Sunny Ramadas and Ahmad Jaffar take on Joerg Mueller Sport2Business (2), in the front nine the two pairs tussled like heavy weight boxers as the score swung with neither team being able to break away. Then in the early stages of the back nine the major blow came from the Sport2Business (2) team increasing their lead to two. Sunny and Ahmad did all they could to get back up off the canvas but it was all too much and the game was won by Sport2Business at two up. In the second game of Ramil Sulaiman and David Yeo represented ASEAN, they squared up against Ron Barden and Peter Donaldon. In yet another thriller, both team lead the game at various different points but in the end Ron and Peter were able to insert their dominance over the game and sealed a two up victory giving Sport2Business (2) a six, zero victory over ASEAN.

After total domination in the League and Playoff Stages match three gave Naboodah their first chance to see how they’d compare to teams outside the SNTTA League. They found themselves up against the inform Kegs team who qualified second through the highly competitive Conares League. Games one saw Andy Raracinski and Charles Clincole from Naboodah take on the Kegs duo of Alistair Woodley and Stuart Whyte. The Kegs team throughout the game always had the upper hand, Andy and Charles dragged the game back to level on several occasions but in the end Alistair and Stuart put the game to rest, two and one. Game two for this clash of the titans saw Allan McNamara and Joe Farina do battle against Kegs players Marc Maccullum and Chris Redley. At the half way stage Nabhooda had the slight advantage and found themselves one up, on the tenth they added to their lead to go two up and looking like they would take the three points from the game. However in a twist of events Kegs exerted their control over the game and won three of the remaining seven holes to win one up, providing Kegs with an overall score of six points and victory.

There was a true photo finish in the match of Happy Hookers and White Rose Golf Society. In game one Rob Lightfoot and Jonathon Webb took on the collaborative duo of Mark Dupree and Rory Thomson with the match being won in the end by Rob and Jonathon giving the Happy Hookers the first blow and 3 points for their team. Game two saw Phil Dickinson and Richard Semple take on in form players Ben Mulvaney and Rayan Taylor. This was the one game from the afternoon’s play which wasn’t close, Ben and Ryan quickly exerted their dominance over their opposition and won the match five and four. This gave the White Rose GS three points and extended the match to a Playoff.

Captains made there picks and it was off down the first in what resulted in a gripping three holes of golf. Rob and Richard joined forces to take on Captain Mark and Ben. After three great opening tee shots the first hole saw three good attempts for Birdy, however no one could capitalize on the early chance. The second hole was even more dramatic, following four top class tee shots the pressure started to show. After Mark and Rob missed the green with their second shots leaving their partners with work to do. Ben played a fantastic shot straight at the flag, it landed stick high but didn’t quite have the spin coming out of the semi rough, leaving him with a 15 foot putt for Birdy. Richard (AKA Mr. Burns) had the privilege of following this and couldn’t quite match Ben’s efforts. Following this Richard then missed the green with a pitch and the Happy Hookers had some work to do for their Pars. Ben made a very comfortable Par and the pressure mounted on Rob and Richard. Rob couldn’t make his putt and it was starting to look like the Happy Hooker season campaign was over for 2106/17. This was until Richard rolled the 10 footer in from off the fringe, with a fist pump and congratulations from team mates they were off to the third. With adrenaline and emotions running high Mark’s tee shot came up short and Ben just too long with the tight back pin location getting up and down would take all their short game wizardry. Rob also followed Ben and went long, not ideal for the team but it gave Richard the confidence to go with one less club and play a great shot into the green. Unfortunately the White Rose duo couldn’t make their Pars and the Playoff was won by a steady par.

All matches were played in the highest of spirits and fun although we lost four great teams. The Semi Finals will take place on Saturday March 25th after which the League will only have two societies remaining.



Conares Golf Society League Playoff’s 2017

Saturday 18th February 2017


Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club saw the return of the Conares league Playoff’s with the well anticipated change up in format from the Betterball matchplay to an individual Stableford matchplay.

The Conares league drew to a conclusion with a well fought Playoff fixture. The Indian Expats and Kegs were leading the way going into the Playoff fixture and further confirmed their places at the top adding to their points tally. In the end the top teams were only separated by 0.5 of a point with the Indian Expats just managing to keep their noses in front for the photo finish. Unfortunately at this point we have to say goodbye to the SAGS and the GTI golf societies, they have both provided some big characters and fantastic golf for the seasons Conares but just couldn’t quite get to the top of the group.

In the BMW League we saw an incredible dash to the top of the leader board from the ASEAN golf society. At the start of the day they found themselves six points back from Sports2Business and lying in third place. ASEAN took an incredible 14 points from a possible 16 and stormed their way to the top. It was strongly contested by the White Rose golf society who finished on the same total of 24 points but lost out on the collected playoff points. Sports2Business didn’t go home empty handed as they picked up the best third place finish for the three leagues and therefore progress into the quarter finals. Gulf Rock’s 2017 conquest for the title has unfortunately come to end as they finish fourth in the BMW League after the playoff round.

Naboohdah have dominated the SNTTA League since day one and the change in format didn’t do anything to slow their progress. At the start of the day they found themselves six points clear of their nearest competitors Sports2Business (2) and by the close of play they had extended it to a magnanimous 10.5 points over second place. The battle for second place was a much closer fought battle with KEGS (2) doing all they could to get into the quarter finals, adding an additional 10.5 points to their League points tally. Unfortunately they fell just short and finished fourth overall in the League. Sports2Business (2) and the Happy Hookers tied on a total of 21 points after the playoff round. Based on their total gained in the playoff’s Happy Hookers will progress to the quarter finals, however the dream was not dead for the Sports2Business (2) team as they finished 0.5 of a point in front of the SAGS from the Conares League, managing to take the final position of second best third place.


Conares Golf Society League Round 5

Saturday 4th February 2017

Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club hosted the final group stage of the five rounds of matches in the Conares Steel, BMW and SNTTA league for the 2016/17 edition of the Conares Golf Society League. Leading the charge in the Conares league is the Indian expats with a four point gap from their nearest revels the Kegs society. The final match of the league saw the SAGS and GTI battle it out for those all important league points. Coming out comfortable victors was the GTI team taking all six points from the two matches and closing the gap. With only seven points separating fist and fourth all is to play for with a total of sixteen points being up for grabs in the playoff stage. In the BMW league came to a fascinating conclusion as the bottom two teams of Gulf Rock and the GODS went head to head. Gulf Rock won one match and the second was a draw, due to this the two teams drew in the league both on eight points. It all came down to their head to head battle which was taken four, one in favor of Gulf Rock Golf Society. At the top of the table Sport 2 Business have come out on top with a total of sixteen points, closely followed by the White Rose Society on fourteen points. ASEAN find themselves mid table on ten points and will be keen to increase their tally in the Playoff on the 18th Feb. Comfortably out in front in the SNTTA league is Naboodah, they have been a strong team from the first fixture and have defiantly confirmed dominance to all other teams. With only one blemish for their matches they have won seven out of eight to top the league on twenty one points. Sports 2 Business (2) find themselves in second place on fifteen points, followed closely by the Happy Hookers. Bringing up the rear are the KEGS (2) team who will been keen to close the gap and procure some of those playoff points. The playoff’s format will be 18 Holes Singles Stableford where the winning player will receive 4 points for to add to their tally with second place picking up 3 points, third place pick up 2 points and fourth place pick up 0. This leaves the groups very interesting with a maximum off 16 points for any society that can claim four victories.


Conares Golf Society League Round 4

Saturday 7th January 2017

Crunch time in Conares Golf Society League

The first 2017 Conares Society League fixtures were defiantly not going to disappoint. Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club hosted an extremely strong contingent of golf societies teams all vying to become the 2016-2017 Conares Golf Society League Champions. The Conares League had been a tightly contested league up until round three when the KEGS made a break out of the pack and increased the gap to five points over tied second place Indian Expats. In true sporting fate this round fixture saw the top two line up against each other, The Indian Expats certainly had their game faces on before the match and were keen to close the gap. The two matches between the societies were captivating and saw some fantastic golf, The Indian Expats dominated over the KEGS taking both matches and all six points from the fixture. Also tied for second place before the 4th round fixture was the SAGS, they also won both of their matches against the Vikings and cemented their place tied at the top of the leader board with The Indian Expats. Following a rest week for the GTI Society in this round they will be keen to come back fighting for their final fixture and remove themselves from the bottom of the table and qualify for the next stage. The BMW League saw a huge move up the table from Sports 2 Business, going from 4th in the group and only two points from the bottom, right the way up into second after taking all six points from the GODS Society who now coincidently find themselves in 4th position. The White Rose Golf Society added to their points accrued but could only take 3 points over their opposition ASEAN. The 5th and final group stage fixture will see the top two of Sports 2 Business and White Rose Golf battle it out to become group winners and take a healthy points total into the next stage. As well as the action at the top of the BMW League all is to play for at the bottom of this group with the bottom two of the GODS and Gulf Rock going head to head to determine who will make it through the group stage. The GODS need a minimum of two points to confirm their place in the next stage.

Yet again the Naboodah Golf Society dominated in both of their matches taking all six points and further extending their lead at the top of the table. Having taking the six points from their nearest rivals Sports 2 Business (2) they have increased their lead to a staggering 12 points in the SNTTA league. Below Naboodah Golf Society all is to play for in the group with only six points separating 2nd and 5th place anything could happen in the fixtures of DKN Law verse Sports 2 Business (2) and Happy Hookers Verse KEGS (2).

For further information about the Conares Golf Society League supported by SNTTA Travel, BMW and WWG, visit the Sharjah Golf & Shooting Clubs website ( or please contact Golf Business Development and Sales Executive Samjhana Lama on [email protected]


Conares Golf Society League Round 3

Saturday 3rd December 2016

December’s addition of the Conares Golf Society League

Once again Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club were extremely pleased to welcome back a strong contingent of golf society’s teams all vying to become the 2016-2017 Conares Golf Society League Champions. The Conares League throughout the two rounds has been a very closely contested group. Round 3 has seen a break out from the pack with KEGS team dominating over the GTI, wining both of their matches 2 up and firmly moving them to favorites in the group. They will need a strong performance in January’s fixture to conclude their efforts in the group stages as they have a rest week in the final fixture in February. After the disappointing fixture for GTI they find themselves at the bottom of the group, however all it not lost. They have a rest week in January’s fixture and if they can come back strong after the rest they are still in with a good chance of qualifying from the group. Team duo of Club Captain Vivian Verma and Vice Captain Mukti Rai had a fantastic battle with their opponents Riaan Sallie and Seelan Moodely from the SAGS, producing the season’s first drawn matched. The additional match in that fixture saw the SAGS win over the Indian Expats, resulting in a 4-1 score line to the SAGS overall. The White Rose Golf Society find themselves sitting pretty at the top of the BMW league. They are currently four points clear of their closest rivals the GODS. Both teams find themselves in a fortunate position with the two teams already having rest weeks. At the bottom of the table all is to play for, with a good performance from either ASEAN or Sports 2 Business they could pull out of the bottom half of the table in the January fixture as Gulf Rock have a rest week. After another emphatic victory from the Naboodah Golf Society they find themselves six points clear in the SNTTA league. The Naboodah opposition were the KEGS (2) teams, the results has momentarily stalled their progression in the group, however the KEGS (2) team have a rest week for the next fixture and can come back strong for the final group fixture. The Happy Hookers and Sports 2 Business (2) shared the spoils in their match leaving the bottom of the group with all to play for. After a rest week for the December fixture DKN Law need to come back fighting in the January matches to get themselves off the bottom of the group. If they can manage two wins in their fixture against the Happy Hookers all will very close at the bottom of the table and make for a very interesting conclusion to the league.



Conares Golf Society League Round 2

Saturday 5th November 2016

Conares Golf Society League returns for November

Once again Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club were extremely pleased to welcome back a strong contingent of golf society’s teams all vying to become the 2016-2017 Conares Golf Society League Champions. After round one the Conares League has set up to be a very closely contended group. Round 2 continued this trend with the Indian expats opening their account for the season with two impressive and closely fought battles over the GTS teams. The Vikings and Keg’s (1) teams continued their steady start to the year winning one match each in their fixtures. This has left the group all very close with three groups on six points; the Indian expats have the narrow advantage with victory in the two matches they have played, if they are to place themselves as group favorites next month’s fixture against the South African Golf Society is crucial. After and impressive start in the BMW from Sport 2 Business (1) and the GODS societies winning both of their season openers. The GODS had their season momentum hauled momentarily with a rest week and the White Rose Golf society started their account for the season with a win in both matches over Gulf Rock. This really has made things tight at the top with four teams on six points. Unfortunately this leaves team Gulf Rock at the bottom of the table, placing extra pressure on their next round fixture on the 3rd December against team ASEAN, a team which has come back strong after a disappointing start to the season. KEGS (2) were the inform team to beat in round one in the SNTTA league, however they were brought to their knees this week with two very impressive displays and season opening from the Sport 2 Business (2) teams. Emphatically topping the table in the SNTTA League is Naboodah SGB, they were able to add to their steady start in round one with 2 match victories over DKN Law, who now unfortunately find themselves at the bottom of the group. Fortunately they have a rest week for the next fixture on the 3rd December giving them a chance to regroup, reenergize and come back strong in their next fixture in the New Year on the 7th January.


Conares Golf Society League Round 1

Saturday 22nd October 2016

Conares Golf Society League is Back

Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club were once again extremely pleased to welcome back a strong contingent of golf society’s teams all vying to become the 2016-2017 Conares Golf Society League Champions. After round one the Conares League has set up to be a very closely contended group. All teams competing on the day recorded one loss and one win. Leaving the scores all tied on 3 points with the exception of the Indian Expats who had a rest week, they will make their season debut on the 5th November 2016 against GTI Golf Society and will be keen to make a good start to their season. The BMW league saw some very good team performances from Sport 2 Business (1) and the GODS societies winning both of their season openers against opposition Gulf Rock and ASEAN. The white Rose Golf society start their season on the 5th November against Gulf Rock, the fixture sets up to be very important as Gulf Rock look to bounce back from a disappointing opening to their season. KEGS (2) were the inform team to beat in the SNTTA league, they obtained all six points from their season opener and top the group. Sports 2 Business (2) have a tough season opener against KEGS (2) and will have to bring their A games if they are to beat the inform team on their season debut. Naboodah SGB and the Happy Hookers shared the spoils in their fixture and are tied for second in the group with 3 points each.