Members Reward Programme


  • Referrers must be identified at the time of registration by the referred by declaring their name in writing on membership application form and cannot be:
  • Back dated (I.e. a member claiming to be the referrer of a new member)
  • Self-nominated (I.e. a member claiming to be referrer of a new member)
  • Membership credit for the referrer will be issued in the form of a voucher which will be valid up until the date of the referrer's membership expiry. If the referrer renews after the renewal date and chooses not to backdate their subscription in line with the previous year’s expiry the voucher is null and void.
  • If a referrer credit vouchers exceed the total value of their membership the expiry dates for any subsequent vouchers will be extended to the following year’s renewal.
  • If a referrer resigns their membership having used a voucher that year the refund will be calculated on the full value of the membership (credit/s will not be factored)
  • The Members Reward Programme is a limited period offer. SGSC Management has the right to bring the programme to an end at any time and at zero notice but will however endeavor to give all members 1 months’ notice of its expiry via email circular. 


  • The referrer will receive 7.5% of the referred persons total subscription (excluding EGF) off their next membership renewal (for 1 term only) as per the below example:

Type of membership taken by referral

Nett Membership Value

Value of discount from existing members next renewal

Golf Couple (husband & wife)

AED 13,000

AED 975

Golf Single

AED 7,500

AED 562.5

Golf Country

AED 4,500

AED 337.5

Academy Member

AED 3,500

AED 262.5

Joining fee

AED 1/2,000

AED 75/150

Credit vouchers


All credit vouchers:

  • will be calculated on the net value of the membership. Any 'value add's' (e.g vouchers) will be deducated accordingly from the calculated total.
  • cannot be exchanged for any other service other than the referrer’s membership renewal and must be part of full annual payment of their membership.
  • Cannot be used against any referrers current membership subscription instalments (I.e. a monthly/periodic instalment)
  • Credit vouchers cannot be split between parties (except for couple memberships)
  • Passed on to other golf members or to the referred. 
  • Academy & Academy & Lifestyle (including juniors) are eligible for referrals incentives, but only if they upgrade to the Golf or Golf Country Membership.
  • Corporate Executive Members and periodic members are not eligible for referral incentives. 


  • In the event of any unforeseen circumstances SGSC Management reserves the right to accept, decline or dictate a revised incentive in line with what they considers fair. 
  • All SGSC members are encouraged to declare irregular circumstances; or circumstances that don't clearly fit within the above guidelines before the application is submitted. Consideration can then be given to such a scenario and the necessary incentive offered, negotiated and agreed in advance. 


Full payment - Commitment to paying for 1 years membership in or through installments (I.E postdated cheques, Emirates NBD payment plan etc.)

Referrer - An existing annual member who has nominated a referee/new member

Referred - A new member/s who have not been Golf Member of SGSC for 1 month or longer and who join as Golf, Golf Country, Academy or any other category of annual membership. 

Annual Member - A member who has committed to a 1 year golf membership at SGSC

Golf member - A membership that falls under the golf membership tariff (I.e excludes Lifestyle, Shooting etc)

Terms & Conditions as of 21/10/15